How modular is modular….

Q: “How modular is modular….”

A: ….is the most asked question till now. AnalogicyX main goal is “creating a gateway into the modular world”, so each artist, band, label, shops, events-organisations, knowledge-organization, brand/maker or venue should have a visible link to modular music.

For example: a shop needs to have easy to find “modular section”, a label needs to have a “modular category” or an events needs to have “modular artists/bands” as part of the line up.

Yes, we know things change all the time, so if you change your focus but modular music is still part of the passion, it’s ok.

AnalogicyX checks new subscribers if modular gear is a key element.

To us the definition of modular is not strictly Eurorack! DIY, drumcomputers, synths effect pedals and so on combined in one set up is modular to.

Are we modular enough….

Q: “Are we modular enough….”

A: …..the best thing to do is contact us before you make a payment.

Of course we beam your money back but the best approach is to contact us and add in your message some links to your social accounts, website or streaming services and we let you know as soon as possible.