What are benefits to subscribe?

AnalogicyX is there to support Modular music, so all subscribers will be promoted (on regular basis) via:
– Facebook
– Twiiter
– Instagram
– Soundcloud
– Modular events
– Labels
– Organisations that are focussing on Modular Music
– Newsletters and magazine.

For some subscribers the AnalogicyX page works as a one page website, covering all links and the most important information.

Having a “own” webpage will be more key in the furure since socials like FB, Inst, Twitt, etc change their rules all the time. Creating an own website is expensive (beside the domain, webspace, SSL is required to).

As AnalogicyX gets bigger it will become a go to website for all who are looking for a specific Modular act, shop, event, ……..

Being part of AnalogicyX supports the Modular community.

The relative small amount for the subscription covers the costs of the platform & promotion.