Tulpa Dusha

Artist/bandTulpa Dusha
Homebase (country)The Netherlands
Member(s)Anna Martinova
GenreDark psychedelic trance
BioTulpa | Dusha are two audio projects, created by Anna Martinova, original from Baltic shores. Tulpa audio stories are night dance oriented psychedelic techno improvisations. Dusha is the music, composed and sung by the girl.

Both projects are played live with modular synthesis system and additional instruments. With both projects Martinova performs in clubs and venues all over the world, toured to Mexico, Japan, performed also in far distant Chill Out Planet Festival (Russia), Parvati Peaking Festival (India), Modem Festival (Croatia), Drops Festival (Slovenia), Solstice Festival (The Netherlands). Personal record of Martinova so far is 8 hours DJ set and 4 hours through live Modular improvisation.


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MixcloiudModular Moon


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