Homebase (country)The Netherlands
Initiator(s)/owner(s)Jurgen Winkel
Studio topicSounddesign
Sub studio topic/product(online) mixing
Sub studio topic/product(online) mastering
General infoSONICriderSTUDIO is the base of SONICrider where all gear (modular set up & hardware) is stationed.

24 channel (UAD) studio for electronic music production. Mixing and mastering is done with SSL 4000 & 9000 emulations

Monitoring: Adam, Mission and various headphones. Just added the Adam SP-5 (review).

Products/services (* some also online):
– Sounddesign
– Recording (can be a combination of the studio gear and your own)
– Film scores *
– Music for dance/theater *
– Promotion sound *
– Mixing *
– Mastering *
– Knowledge (lessons in small groups)
Online optionsYes


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