Willem Twee studios

StudioWillem Twee studios
Homebase (country)Netherlands
Initiator(s)/owner(s)Hans Kulk, Rikkert Brok, Armeno Alberts
Studio topicAnalog modular sound synthesis
Sub studio topic/productTest & measurement instruments
Sub studio topic/productAnalog computers
General infoTwo spatious studios with analog synthesis equipment from the 1950s til 1990s, with tape recording and digital recording, analog computers, and Arp 2500 and 2600 modulars among others.

One small project studio (for mike recordings etc.) and a great sounding concert hall with pipe organ and grand piano.

Spaces can be booked in day parts of 4 hours.

Booked by many foreign artists for multiple days, and a diversity of music has already been released (cass, vinyl, and digital).

Visit website and socials for more info.
Online optionsYes


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